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ACNE 4 Step Travel

ACNE 4 Step Travel | Dr.Somchai
ACNE 4 Step Travel | Dr.Somchai

ACNE 4 Step Travel



Acne Cream: A pre-wash acne cream helps reduce acne problems and pore clogging with fast acting without leaving dark marks.

Acne Foaming Cleanser: Acne foaming cleanser salicylic gentle exfoliates and cleanses the skin to soften rough skin and clear acne quickly.

Acne lotion: This clear lotion helps reduce an accumulation of acne-causing bacteria and excess oil with pore tightening.

Acne Spot touch gel: A powerful acne treatment gel featuring MSTTM and triple action natural active ingredients that rapidly unclog pores and prevent reoccurring breakouts.

Acne Repair Gel Cream: A powerful post-acne treatment gel featuring AscorbiojicTM and 7 synergistic active ingredients that rapidly minimize skin discoloration and prevent breakouts.

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